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Welcome to the Potomac Circle Ministries!
Bright Blesssings, everyone!
We founded our ministry to expand our mission for connecting Pagans and helping others find their spiritual path. Our mission is to:

- Connect solitary Pagans with each other and Pagan groups from a variety of traditions in the Northern Virginia region;
- Assist others in finding their spiritual path by teaching and mentoring;
- Help Pagans learn about and celebrate the Sabbats by leading public rituals;
- Assist Pagans with life passages such as baby blessings, handfastings, and other life transitions;
- Counsel Pagans on End of Life issues, including grief counseling, funeral peparation, caring for the beloved dead, and assisting with the preparation of end of life documents;
- Provide service and care to veteran and active duty Pagans through our work with Circle Sanctuary's Military Ministry Team.